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Join Sierra Club - Click Here. We need you! We need you in the West Virginia Chapter. We need the financial support we get from new members, and we need new members who may decide one day to get involved in our critical conservation campaigns.

Welcome to the Sierra Club in West Virginia. We love clean water, fresh air, and wild forests. And we're willing to work hard to protect the natural resources we cherish. Come join us as we enjoy, explore and protect the environment of West Virginia.

There’s a common saying in Appalachia: what we do to the land, we do to the people. Check out the human cost of coal at this website: http://ilovemountains.org/the- human-cost 

They claim coal is clean—the truth is it’s the dirtiest source of energy there is. 
They claim coal is cheap—when in reality coal has caused electricity costs to spike across the country.
They claim coal is abundant—we know coal resources will start to permanently decline in just 20 years.
The coal industry has spent over $40 million on misleading advertising that touts coal as the next great thing to solve the energy crisis. It’s time for a reality check. Check out the video and information at:  http://www.CoalIsNotTheAnswer.org

AND check out this video for the latest Greenwash Coal Scam http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=luVmMBppJc8 

Chapter Archivist needs materials on the WV Chapter activities and projects.  Read more on what the Archivist needs and what to send, plus what information is available from the Chapter Archivist.


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