West Virginia Chapter

Explore, enjoy, and protect the planet.

Statement of Purpose:

"To explore, enjoy and protect the wild places of the Earth; to practice and promote the responsible use of the Earth's ecosystems and resources; to educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality ofthe natural and human environment; and to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives."

West Virginia Chapter
PO Box 4142

Chapter Bylaws may be viewed or downloaded from this website.  Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view this PDF file.
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WV Sierra Club Chapter Directory

(please note: area codes must be used in WV)

Chapter Executive Committee  (* designates voting member)

Chair*  Liz Wiles, 304-212-4855Liz_Wiles@comcast.net

Vice-Chair*  Jody Mohr, 304-782-401, jodynic7@hughes.net   

Conservation Chair*  Gary Nelson, 304-258-6669, glnelson1@frontier.com

Energy Committee Chair* Jim Kotcon, 304-594-3322, jkotcon@gmail.com

Marcellus Campaign*   Jody Mohr, 304-782-4019, jodynic7@hughes.net, Jim Sconyers, 304.698.9628, jimscon@gmail.com

Chapter Secretary  Patricia Marroquin, 304-838-0832,  anttes@msn.com 

Chapter Treasurer Sally Wilts, 304-379-7567(h), sallywilts@yahoo.com

Mon Group Exec. Committee Delegate*  John Bird, johnbird@frontier.com304-864-8631

Council of Club Leaders Delegate*    Jody Mohr, 304-782-4019, jodynic7@hughes.net

The Monongahela (“Mon”) Group

The Monongahela (“Mon”) Group of the West Virginia Chapter of Sierra Club includes members from 5 counties – Harrison, Marion, Monongalia, Preston and Taylor. We hope to increase awareness of environmental threats and create opportunities for active involvement of all sorts. This may be simply helping with an event or a group function, or holding volunteer office or leading or joining outings or becoming an activist and lobbying or demonstrating for change.

For more information about the Mon Group, including its current activities and events, go to Monongahela (Mon) Group

Chair Bryan Bellew, bbellew@mix.wvu.edu304-261-2461
Vice Chair:
Chapter Excom Delegate, Gwen Jones, gwen.jones1@gmail.com304-599-5815
Conservation Chair, John Bird, johnbird@frontier.com304-864-8631

Treasurer  Sally Wilts sallywilts@yahoo.com 304-379-7567

Membership Chair Shirley Rosenbaum, 304-599-2370, shirley.rosenbaum@gmail.com

Publicity  Bryan Bellew, bbellew@mix.wvu.edu304-261-2461

Charleston Area (Kanahwa Valley meetings)

Contact  Kevin Fooce 304-675-6687, fooce@hotmail.com

Other Chapter Leaders

Wildlands Karen Yarnell, 304.366.0515, Karen.Yarnell@fairmontstate.edu

Outings Chair: Mike Price, 304-400-8354, mikeprice54@suddenlink.net 

Political Committee Chair:  David Sturm, 304-363-7160, davidsturm@ymail.com

Computer Committee: Jonathan Rosenbaum, 304-599-2370,  jr@wvsierraclub.org 

Webmaster: Paul Wilson, 304-725-4360, pjgrunt@gmail.com 
   (FYI- to submit material for the Chapter Website: please send MS Word Documents only with graphics and photos as separate jpeg files)

Newsletter Editor: Candice Elliott, 304-594-3322, celliot2@comcast.net 
   (see next newsletter deadlines and submission guidelines in the PDF version of the current Mountain State Sierran)

Membership: Chuck Conner, 304-927-1664, chuckrayconner@yahoo.com

Chapter Historian: Katharine Gregg, 304-472-4055, gregg@wvwc.edu
   (send articles on Chapter or articles quoting chapter leaders to Chapter Historian)

Chapter Nominating Committee ChairSally Wilts sallywilts@yahoo.com 304-379-7567

Chapter Election Committee: Candice Elliott, 304-594-3322, celliot2@comcast.net 

Sierra Club Resource Coordinators

Environmental Justice Bill Price, 304-389-8822 , bill.price@sierraclub.org   

West Virginia Wilderness Coalition www.wvwild.org
Mike Costello, Executive Director, PO Box 122, Frankford, WV 24938 michael.costello@wvwild.org   304-645-0949

Sierra Student Coalition of WVU  (http://www.wvu.edu/~ssc/)  Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/506574176048610/

SSC President:  Amanda Stoner:   amstoner@mix.wvu.edu , 304-886-3435.
SSC Faculty Advisor:  Jim Kotcon, 304-594-3322, jkotcon@gmail.com