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The West Virginia Chapter has initiated a campaign to protect our waters and communities from the hydro-fracking process, and other environmental abuses, associated with drilling for gas in the Marcellus Shale rock formations of the Appalachian Mountains.  You can read more at the http://marcellus-wv.com  website.

Marcellus Academy 2014. Learn about Marcellus issues, and how to be a gas well watcher and organizer back in your community. 2014 Marcellus Academy training event

Our Marcellus Gas Campaign is chaired by David Sturm (see Contact Us webpage).

Campaign staff is:
Campaign Outreach Organizer: Chuck Wyrostock, outreach@marcellus-wv.com  877-252-0257

WV Sierra Club, through its Marcellus Shale Gas campaign (http://marcellus-wv.com), is committed to ensuring that natural gas extraction is effectively regulated and that the industry employs the safest and most environmentally sound techniques. We also are fighting to keep the oil and gas industry out of areas where drilling and production poses unacceptable risks. As the Legislature approaches, we'll be bringing you up to date on proposed legislation and what you can do to help.

Keep up with the latest Marcellus WV news at http://news.marcellus-wv.com

SEE our video and audio informational ads at (http://keepwvbeautiful.com/)

READ an article about the 2009 Dunkard Creek fish kill that sparked widespread citizen awareness and concern  in Scientific AmericanEPA Scientist Points at Fracking in Fish-Kill Mystery

Here is the link to the Gas Well Workshop: http://members.citynet.net/sootypaws/gws/class/