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General Transmission Resources

Piedmont Environmental Council Transmission Line Resources Library

PALTA's comments to DOE on the 2009 Congestion Study which describe how the prior analyses were deficient and called for a comprehensive analysis of options, both transmission and nontransmission, analyzed under scenarios which are reflective of state and regional policies and possible new climate legislation at the federal level

Transmission and Coal

**UCS Report, "Importing Pollution - Coal's Thread to Climate Policy in the U.S. Northeast"

**Wil Burns, Esq. and Chris Miller, President Piedmont Environmental Council
“Transmission – the bait & switch” (PDF file)
UCS Report, "Coal Power in a Warming World"

PATH Project & Other Regional Issues

**PATH Proponents’ Web-Site

**The Power Line, The View from Calhoun County (Blog)

**AEP's plan for a 765-kV line from West Virginia to New Jersey:

**PATH Issues and Answers

Proposed New Transmission for Renewable Energy

AWEA and SEIA Proposal, "Green Power Superhighways - Building a Path to America's Clean Energy Future". This promotes continental scale transmission lines to move wind power from the Great Plains to the entire East Coast, and Federal Permitting and Siting authority.


WRA Smart Lines report (note that the WRA report is very large) http://www.westernresourceadvocates.org/energy/pdf/SmartLines_Final.pdf 

Energy Future Coalition (centrist coalition headed by former Clinton Admin energy officials) Clean Energy Smart Grid proposal 

Two Documents on Joint Coordinated System Plan:


Policy Statements

**Letter to Carol Browner from Environmental Groups

Center for American Progress (leading progressive think tank headed by John Podesta, influential in shaping thinking at white house) Wired for Progress Project: http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2009/02/wired_for_progress.html

PALTA's "Inconvenient Truth" piece describing how the reliance upon energy plans generated from the private sector are giving us misleading information as major new investments in power system capacity are being considered and threatening us with policy actions that are at odds with our best climate policy initiatives

Legal Documents

Sierra Club Petition for Suspension and Review of the PSC'S Aug 1 08 and Feb 13 09 Orders in TRAILCO: