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The Chair's Corner
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by Paul Wilson | 2004

The chapter chair offers his perspective on chapter activities.

Spring is upon us and there is much to do both in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia and in the Sierra Club.  We will have a new Board of Directors installed in May, and the Council of Club Leaders will meet with the new Board on May 13-16 in San Francisco.  I will report on that meeting in the next issue of the Mountain State Sierran.  I do know that at least 23% of our Chapter members have voted in this Board election and that is a good sign.  Both for electing quality Board members (I hope!) and in becoming more knowledgeable about the inner workings of the Club and the responsibilities of our elected leaders.

We also know that Sierra Club members around the country voted in our state and national elections, no more frequently than the public at large.  And that is somewhat disturbing. So this year, we will be more active in getting our members to vote in November, and hopefully electing a presidential candidate that the Sierra Club endorses.

Speaking of candidates and endorsements; this newsletter lists the candidates that sought and received endorsement by our Chapter.  Many thanks to Regina Hendrix for chairing the Political Committee and for the hard work of Regina, Jim Kotcon, Laura Wright, Frank Slider and a few others. Some candidates have or will be requesting volunteer help in their campaigns, so I urge you to read Regina’s report and see if you have a local, Club-endorsed, candidate that you can assist.

Also, in this issue, we are initiating a member interest form that will now appear in every issue of the Mountain State Sierran.  That will hopefully reach both new members and old hands who may looking for some fun-filled and energetic Sierra Club activities.  There are many issues and campaigns we need help on, so please fill in the Interest Form and return it to me.  You will get a phone call!!

As always, be well, keep in touch, and do good work.

Paul Wilson

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