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The Chair's Corner
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by Paul Wilson | 2004

National Board of Directors, and Chapter Executive Committee, elections are a big part of Sierra Club's democratic traditions.

The Chair’s Corner

The Sierra Club Board of Directors’ Election is history now, and now we have the daunting task of defeating the Bush Administration this fall.

This Board election was widely reported on in the press due to controversies about the Club’s immigration policy and concerns about the involvement of outside groups.

The Sierra Club election resulted in a record turnout of 22.7 percent –or 171,616 voters- of our membership.  We did much better than that percentage in West Virginia –almost 28 percent- and a number of new Board members complemented me on the participation of our West Virginia Sierrans. 

The new Board members are Lisa Renstrom (Charlotte, NC, and the largest vote recipient at 141,407 votes), Dave Karpf (a student from Philadelphia, PA), Nick Aumen (a FL biologist), Sanjay Ranchod (a San Francisco consumer rights lawyer), and Jan O’Connell (an environmental organizer from Grand Rapids, MI).  Jan and Nick were elected to second terms on the Board.  All of the elected candidates have proven leadership skills from years of experience at the Group, Chapter and Regional Conservation Committee levels of the Club.  Additionally, Dave Karpf was an founding member of the Sierra Student Coalition during his undergraduate days.

So, my congratulations to all of my fellow West Virginia Sierrans for choosing leadership and unity over personal agendas and empire building.  For more specific vote totals and other information, go to on the web.

Elsewhere in this newsletter, you will find a call for Nominations for this year’s Chapter Executive Committee election.  I am hopeful for equally high participation and similarly qualified candidates for our Chapter leadership.

Do good work and keep in touch.

Paul Wilson, Chapter Chair

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