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Report on Council of Club Leaders Meeting, September 6-7, 2005
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by Paul Wilson | 2005

Chapter Chairs and Chapter Delegates were offered great presentations and challenging resolutions for the annual Council meeting

Chapter Chairs or Chapter Delegates met in San Francisco for the annual meeting of the Council of Club Leaders (CCL) on the Tuesday and Wednesday prior to the Sierra Summit.  Please note that Delegates represent their Chapter Executive Committees and as such the Excoms should be informed about CCL Resolutions and, preferably, debate and vote on these resolutions prior to the CCL meeting.  In addition, all Chapters should have a well-prepared alternate Delegate.

On Tuesday, September 6th, the Council heard presentations from the Club President, Lisa Renstrom, Executive Director Carl Pope, plus we had presentations on Conflict Resolution, Membership Diversity by Rita Harris of the Environmental Justice Program, plus our own Bill Price spoke on the Blair Mountain issue and how the Chapter and EJ Program worked with residents of Logan County, West Virginia.

Rita Harris’s presentation on Diversity was noteworthy as we view the Club to be an inclusive organization.  Obviously, divisions permeate through our society (e.g. race, sex, age, religion, political party etc.), so each of us needs to make a deliberate decision to be inclusive based on personal relationships. Embracing the challenge of Diversity as what is inside us, is a much larger issue than the environmental issues we work on.

Another interesting presentation on Tuesday was by psychologist and author James A. Swan, who spoke on What is it that makes people love nature?  Professor Swan discussed the paths taken to being a committed environmentalist and how children connect with the environment.  While his fascinating presentation was too long to recap here, I will note that he stressed the healing force of nature, and stated that both our founder John Muir and legendary nature writer John Burroughs were abused by their respective fathers.

Wednesday’s meeting consisted of presentations by Club Treasurer Jan O’Connell, plus presentations from the Organizational Effectiveness Governance Committee, the Training Governance Committee, the Communication/Education Governance Committee, the Outdoor Activities Governance Committee, and the Conservation Governance Committee.  Please contact me if you want information or copies of reports from these “Gov. Comm’s.”

Wednesday afternoon was set aside for the CCL business meeting.  This included nominations for the CCL Executive Committee, the Budget Officer report, and debate and voting on resolutions put before the Council by Chapters or Chapter Delegates.  Thirteen resolutions were proposed, debated, and voted on, which are too many to summarize here. 

I will state that the Ozark Chapter (Missouri) moved a motion that “requests the Board of Directors to acknowledge the crisis presented by climate change and adopt a policy opposing new coal burning electric power plants that cannot reasonably control CO2 emissions and that will not replace an old power plant.”  I spoke against this motion as it does nothing to break the coal cycle, which obviously starts with mountaintop removal mining.  This motion was defeated.  Please contact me if you wish information on the other resolutions addressed by the Council of Club Leaders.

Respectfully submitted, Paul Wilson

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