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Club Is Working to Consolidate Energy Policies
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by Paul Wilson | 2006

Chapters, Groups and members weigh in on a consolidated Club Energy and Global Warming Policy

During March and April a series of conference calls were conducted with Club activists to begin a process that will give the new Board of Directors a consolidated Sierra Club Energy Policy at their first Board meeting on May 20th.  Last year the Board directed emphasis on 3 major campaigns:  Smart Energy Solutions, Protecting and Restoring Wildlands, and Promoting Healthy Communities.

Our current Energy Policy is actually a collection of positions on specific energy technologies.  There is no overlaying document on where we would like to see our nation go as some fossil fuels become scarcer, and the planet earth continues to warm. There is also no energy policy on what or which renewable energy sources we would prefer, or how to use some carbon-based fuels as we transition to cleaner, safer energy sources.

So, a questionnaire will be sent to various Club entities, via email, to solicit reactions to policies and positions which will be nested in groups based on subject matter.  Your Chapter Executive Committee will review and respond for the Chapter, however, the Mon Group in Morgantown should also receive and review the questionnaire and interested individuals who are “energy activists” should also review and return the questionnaire representing their personal views or activism.  During one conference call, your Chapter Chair requested that the document produced from information collected in these questionnaires be sent out Club-wide for a short comment period before it is sent to the Board.

The Club has already initiated solutions to our current energy crisis.  For example, the Club’s Cool Cities Campaign has enrolled over 200 cities, and you can learn more about this campaign on the Club’s website ( ).

Other Smart Energy Campaign Solutions include:

  • Promote smart/clean energy via renewable energy sources and increasing efficiency ratings
  • Promote smart vehicles
  • Stop the rush to coal and new coal fired power plants
  • Prevent bad energy developments

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