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by Regina Hendrix | 2006

Check out this list for Sierra Club-endorsed Candidates for the 2006 general election

The following are the WV Chapter endorsements for the general election on Tuesday, November 7.  Your Political Committee has focused on state races this year because there are several initiatives such as Clean Elections, The Bottle Bill and Sludge Safety legislation that are inching ever closer.  A few more members supporting Sierra Club values can put us over the top on these important priorities

As you know, WV Sierra Club’s two major campaigns are to Stop Mountaintop Removal and to increase designation of wilderness areas in West Virginia. Recently we’ve gained lots of favorable publicity for our Stop Mountaintop Removal campaign and our effort to increase wilderness areas but we need to strengthen our support at the state and federal levels.  If we come out and vote as a bloc, we can improve our support in the state in 2006 and be ready for 2008 when we will go for increased national support.  


        3rd District    D-NICK J. RAHALL  304-252-1942


        4th District    D-JIM LEES  304-344-9651

       10th District   D-FRED PARKER  304-832-6651

       11th District   D-RANDY WHITE  304-847-5305

       16th District   D – JOHN UNGER  304-263-5488

       17th District   D – Brooks McCabe 304-347-7500 or 342-1961


       10th District   D - STEVEN WHITEHAIR, SR  304-834-7541

       12th District   D – STEVE NICHOLAS  304-685-4073 

       17th District   D – DON PERDUE  304-486-5173

       18th District   D – LARRY BARKER  304-369-7331

       22nd District  D – MIKE BURDISS  304-294-4491

       23rd District   D – CLIFF MOORE   304-448-2838  

        27th District   D – VIRGINIA MAHAN   304-466-4980

29th District   D – MARGARET STAGGERS 304-574-1787

30th District   D – BONNIE BROWN  304-744-4334
D – DANNY WELLS  304-342-3769 
D – BOBBIE HATFIELD  304-744-9898

31st District    D – CARRIE WEBSTER  304-345-0346

32nd District  D – LUCILLE CHANDLER  304-548-6923 

34th District   D – BRENT BOGGS  304-765-5739

35th District   D – SAM ARGENTO  304-872-4540

40th District   D –MARY M. POLING  304-457-2206

41st District    D – RON FRAGALE  304-622-3609

42nd District  D – MIKE MANYPENNY  304-677-0379

43rd District   D – MIKE CAPUTO  304-363-7500
D – LINDA LONGSTRETH  304-366-5251

44th District   R – CINDY FRICH  304-599-1309 
MARSHALL  304-292-7757
D – BARBARA  FLEISCHAUR  304-296-7035

51st District    D – GARY LEE NELSON  304-258-6669

54th District   R – WALTER DUKE  304-263-1808

By the time this newsletter reaches you, you should have received the 2006 Political Action Committee fundraiser appeal.   Please send as generous a donation as you can.  Our  environment-friendly candidates need your help and support.  Please give your candidate a call and offer your support.  They are all looking for volunteers to put up yard signs in prominent places, help with phone banking and door-to-door solicitation.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me at


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