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Morgantown is One Cool City!!!
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by Joshua Rutkowski | 2007

Morgantown and Shepherdstown are the first West Virginia cities to sign on to the U.S. Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement

On Tuesday, Feb 7th, the Morgantown City Council unanimously adopted the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement! Teaming up with the Mon Valley Clean Air Coalition and the WV Interfaith Global Climate Coalition, the Mon group of the Sierra Club were able to address local responsibility for global climate change. These groups, along with many individuals, have been working for months on gathering support throughout the Morgantown area to get the City council to pass the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. 

This agreement sets a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 7 % below 1990 levels by the year 2012. The City council commented on the breadth of support from across Morgantown as an important component of their endorsement. In addition, City Manager Dan Boroff, announced that the City would look into hiring an energy audit consultant to examine and assist in developing a plan to implement the proposal. The commitment of U.S. towns to stop global warming is a very powerful obligation and can set realistic goals for local communities to address this major global problem.

Our thanks to all who contributed their time and energy. Particularly those of you who collected petition signatures (over 250 signatures), developed fact sheets, spoke to Council members, or reviewed the technical data; every one of those steps was critical.

So far Shepherdstown and Morgantown are the only cities in West Virginia to pass this agreement, but the momentum to act is gaining and more cities and towns are expected to join soon. The Cool Cities campaign has a great website with helpful information about the Cool Cities campaign and how you can get your city to commit.

The national website is Volunteers and paid staff offer a great deal of support for helping your community become a cool city. We don’t have to wait for the Federal or State governments to realize the need for a change in greenhouse gas emissions!

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