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by Sally Wilts | 2007

On-line resources to keep up well informed and motivate your interests in current environmental issues

These are some of the resources that I use to stay informed about environmental topics of interest to me. The Sierra Club website ( is very easy to navigate and contains excellent materials for use in reaching out to inform others.

The entire Smart Energy Solutions powerpoint can be downloaded from, the members-only section of the website. There are handouts specific to that program that can be ordered, and others to print off and hand out, explaining specific changes that each of us need to make. The public seems to be searching for just this sort of direction.

There are tax advantages to being green and these are summarized at The two percent solution, to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2% each year, can be found at

My all time favorite source of information and humor is Grist magazine, which offers a free daily email summary of environmental news, which they bill as”gloom and doom with a sense of humor”. Go to and try it out. You can get a weekly summary, if daily is too much for you.

For global warming, I receive the weekly summary from Also available:, Environmental Defense ( ) and Natural Resource Defense Council ( are other sources of excellent up-to-date information.

If you have websites you’d like me to feature in future issues of the newsletter, just send me an email at .

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