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Report from the CCL and Annual Board of Directors Meeting
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by Regina Hendrix | 2007

Our Vice Chair represented the Chapter at the annual meeting of the Council of Club Leaders

I had the privilege of representing the WV Chapter at the Council of Club Leaders (CCL) and the annual Board of Directors meetings in San Francisco from September 26 thru 30. CCL is an annual event where chapter chairs and chapter delegates come together from across the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. The Council functions as an advisory body to the Board of Directors and provides a formal communications link between the chapters and national club leaders. CCL meets in joint session with the Board during the official annual meeting of the Club each September.

There were seven resolutions passed by the CCL delegates on the subjects of Clair Tappan Lodge, utility regulation, sustainable life choices, the national canvass, internal communications, sustainable procurement policies and reinforced border fencing along the boundary between the United States and Mexico. If you are interested in reading these resolutions, please send me an E-Mail and I will forward the six pages of text which includes all the resolutions. (

There was one resolution which is particularly relevant to our Chapter in light of our ongoing energy campaign and our work to stop mountaintop removal and promote alternate energy. The following resolution on utility regulation was presented by Don Young of the Atlantic Chapter and requests the Board to implement a campaign that more fully integrates energy issues, litigation, public education and political activity.

“The CCL requests that the Club Board of Directors:

(1) Develop a comprehensive public education campaign, in consultation with the CEGC, detailing the cumulative impacts of electric utility deregulation, energy commodity deregulation and the damaging consequences of the Energy Policy Act of 2005;

(2) Prepare for litigation against the Department of Energy and the Federal Regulatory Commission for using possibly faulty methodology, procedural irregularities, as well as arbitrary and capricious abuses of agency discretion regard the implementation of the Energy Policy Act;

(3) Lobby for repeal of provisions of the Energy Policy Act such as the establishment of National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors (NIETCs) and lobby for enactment of laws supporting the Sierra Club Smart Energy Solutions Conservation initiative;

(4) Ask candidates running for elected office for their energy policy positions and carefully consider the positions of such candidates. “

This resolution also calls to my mind that the Political Committee is overdue for a revision of our candidate questionnaires covering Sierra Club’s priorities as set forth in the 2005 Convention. Please be thinking about questions/statements for our 2008 political committee work. I’ll be happy to send the questionnaires we used in 2004 so you can see the format we use. The old questions are outdated in light of our new initiatives regarding energy. Please send me an E-Mail if you can come up with some new questions for our 2008 questionnaires. I’ll need your help to cover energy issues in a way to elicit the information we need from the candidates in 2008.

At the meeting we were briefed on some new software which will allow both members and other supporters to have an integrated online experience with Sierra Club. This web-based system (Convio) is integrated with the Club’s core membership database (HELEN) and all Club systems share the same information. I’m very excited and enthusiastic about this new software because it should help WV Chapter recruit new members and new activists.

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