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2008 Board of Directors Election Candidates Announced
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by Paul Wilson | 2008

New Executive Committee members will decide on Board Election endorsements next month!

The 2008 election cycle for the Board of Directors for national Sierra Club is underway. In the West Virginia Chapter, the new executive committee (“excomm”) will decide at the January meeting if the Chapter will proceed with endorsing a slate of candidates.

If you have an interest in this process, please contact an Excomm member in early January. Information is usually sent to us via email, so we can forward to members that have internet access. There is also a Board Election website that is available to members via the Clubhouse website. Any Excomm member can give you the username and password to access that information.

The choice of dates for considering endorsement wll be coordinated with the March-April issue of the Mountain State Sierran chapter newsletter. The Newsletter Editor will have a submission deadline of February 12th, so the Excomm will make decisions via one or 2 conference calls in early February. Members will receive their newsletters containing the list of chapter-endorsed candidates in early March, and Board election ballots usually arrive during the month of March.

This year we will have the potential for up to 12 candidates on the ballot:

Nominating Committee Candidates: Lane Boldman, Joni Bosh, Jeremy Doochin, Barbara Frank, David A. Scott, Matt Urban, Nathan Wyeth

Announced Petition Candidates: Roberta Brashear-Kaulfer, Clark Buchner, Jim Dougherty, Larry Fahn, Jerry Sutherland

You can obtain a copy of the Guidelines Regarding Chapter Endorsements of Candidates in Sierra Club Board Elections from the Chapter Chair or any Excomm member. After the new Excomm makes a decision on starting the endorsement process, we send an invitation to candidates to submit information in support of their candidacy. After endorsements have been voted on, the Chapter Chair will post the results of the voting to the BOD Candidates email List. Such posting must be done even if the decision is not to endorse any candidates.

Remember that the Club was founded on and operates by democratic principles, so we like to see an informed membership active during the Board election process.

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