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To Archive or not to Archive, that is the Question!
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by Kathy Gregg, Chapter Archivist | 2008

Read about what materials should be sent to and what information you can get from the Chapter Archivist

Have you ever wondered about when and how the West Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club originated? Did you know that we were launched at least two times as the Monongahela Group of the Potomac Chapter? The earliest newsletter in my office is “The Monongahela Circular of the Sierra Club in West Virginia” from April 1979 back when we were in the early stages of our second grouphood, and I may have even earlier ones in my attic at home.

Would you like to know some of the history of the Chapter; for instance, what fights have we fought? Which ones have we won and which ones have we lost? Why did we win? Why did we lose? What workshops or other training activities have we held? Who were the early leaders? Are they still around? Or are they archived?

As the Chapter Archivist, I’m feeling a bit archived because lately I’ve only been receiving Chapter Executive Committee minutes. I also collect any other Chapter mailings that I receive as a member, such as the annual March fundraising letter. When I first took on this job, eons and eons ago, probably in the late 1980’s, my aim was to collect as much Chapter memorabilia as possible, not only minutes, but also public announcements of Chapter activities, programs of Chapter workshops, and any and all articles that appeared in any newspapers about our activities. I hesitate to call myself Chapter Historian, although that was my title some years ago, and I was once asked to write a Chapter history, which unfortunately I didn’t have time to write. BUT, I don’t doubt that someday there WILL be someone who will want to write a Chapter history and I would like to help make sure that as much information as possible is archived to enable that person can write a truly good one!

So, please send me any Chapter information, newspaper articles, announcements of workshops and other activities like the Gala, any outings information that doesn’t appear any where else, information about our Chapter staff, grants, etc., etc., etc. I challenge you to make me complain about needing a new filing cabinet!!!!

You may send materials to me by snail mail at 23 Meade Street, Buckhannon, WV 26201, or email me with attachments at .

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