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Powervote Organizers Talk Jobs for West Virginia
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by Christy Hartman, Sierra Student Coalition Field Oranizer | 2008

Students sign petitions to get political candidates to address Global Warming health and economic issues

Powervote, a pledge more than 350 young people at West Virginia University have signed in just 3 weeks to elect officials they feel will do the most to stop global warming, is more than just a pledge to vote green.

I have collected pledges on campus because neither candidate has been addressing the most serious threat to human health, the economy and the planet. Global warming has been largely ignored by both candidates this election, at a time where scientists say we are headed to the “worst case scenario” future faster than any of them anticipated. The lack of political will on this issue reminds me of a college student waking up on a Monday morning not wanting to go to class. Sometimes taking the first step requires a monumental effort.

That’s why one million young people nationally are mobilizing to take action on the issue and sign the pledge. I feel lucky to be a part of the wave of young people fighting for a clean energy future, where cancer rates are down and where West Virginia is somewhere young people can be proud to live. History forgets who said it first, but I feel that for my generation, this quote says best what power vote means to me: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

No place is more ready than in West Virginia where green jobs, like a wind-turbine assembly plant, would offer good paying jobs to a state where many of the young people leave due to a lack of real economic opportunity.

Check out  to sign the pledge today.

Christy Hartman
The Sierra Student Coalition
WV-OH-PA Field Organizer

WVUAlumni 08’

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