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PATH is Not in the Public's Best Interest
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Future plans for opposing the PATH powerline which -needless to say!- is a very BAD idea!

We are partnering with Citizens Against PATH to alert the public and state legislators about the misinformation being broadcast by Allegheny Power. The Potomac-Appalachian Transmission Highline Project has not filed an application with the WV Public Service Commission yet, and is not expected to do so until March 2009.There have already been 20 public meetings and ads on television touting the environmental correctness of the proposal. Info on the project is available at

17 counties are affected by the proposed line and we need to have participants from each county to spur the grassroots effort that will be needed to convince legislators to oppose this line.
Citizens Against PATH has already done excellent work in presenting the background information needed to understand the complex issues involved. Information is available at,,

We are planning three regional meetings to help inform and mobilize opposition. We’d like to have legislators convinced that changes to the PSC are needed to make it responsive to the needs of West Virginia’s people, instead of industry. We’ll need to lobby legislators both before and during the legislative session.

We are currently working on planning for the public forums which are to be held in January, February and March in different areas of the state. We need all the help we can get, so please volunteer with Citizens Against PATH or with our state chapter. You can contact any of the Excom members to get involved.

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