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Tinkering and Tampering with the Ohio River
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by Jim Sconyers | 2009

Mis-management at AEP's Mitchell power plant near Moundsville results in mis-management of WV streams that drain into the Ohio River.

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and American Electric Power (AEP) are displaying their infinite wisdom - not to mention arrogant hubris - as they tinker with the water in streams that feed the Ohio River. They play god with pollution from AEP’s Mitchell plant near Moundsville. The attitude? “Stand back Mother Nature, we’ll take over now.”

Here’s how it goes - a not-very-imaginary conversation.

AEP: We want to pollute a stream.

DEP: What are you going to put in?

AEP: Coal ash runoff.

DEP: Isn’t that a harsh alkaline material?

AEP: Yes, it is.

DEP: OK - here’s how much you can put in. (some time later...)

AEP: Oops!

DEP: What’s wrong?

AEP: We made the water TOO alkaline - sorry.

DEP: That’s not good!

AEP: Don’t worry, we can fix it.

DEP: How?

AEP: We’ll pour sulfuric acid in the stream! and back....and forth....

Sounds like a silly comic strip or something - but this is what passes for “environmental protection.”

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