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July - August 2009 Mountain State Sierran

This may be our largest newsletter ever with information on PATH, Mountaintop Removal, and our Chapter's 25th Birthday Celebration in Charleston

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Bad News For West Virginia: PATH Application Filed

by Jim Kotcon, Energy Committee Chair
Here we go again! This time it is the Potomac Appalachian Transmission Highline.

Meanwhile, At The State Capitol…

by Jim Kotcon, Energy Committee Chair
PATH has generated some bills in the WV Legislature. Even the Governor tried to get into the act with a bogus electricity transmission tax bill!

Obama Administration Actions Are NOT Enough

by Bill Price, Sierra Club Environmental Justice Coordinator
New policies on Mountaintop Removal Mining will do little to improve the situation of Appalachian coalfield communities

Cool Cities Victory!!! Morgantown Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

by Jim Kotcon, Energy Committee Chair
Reduce Greenhouse gases, reduce energy costs and save the taxpayers some money! Sounds like a good deal for folks in Morgantown!

Humpty Dumpty Says: When I Say Alternative Energy, I Mean Coal!

by Jim Sconyers, Chapter Chair
A comparison of our dear Governor with a famous childrens' riddle makes one wonder who or what is minding the store in Charleston.

Court says Judges must avoid Appearance of Bias

by Mark Sherman
Seems like common sense, unless you are elected to the WV State Supreme Court!

Expert Says Mountaintop Removal Causes Flooding

by from Public News Service-WV
June 8, 2009 story on WV flookding proves it is not just an "act of God"!

Short Update on Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling

by Beth Little
The WV DEP wrestles with new gas drilling regs while some states have issued a moritorium on shale gas drilling.

WV Delegates honored for Efforts on Wild Mon Legislation

by Mike Costello, WV Wilderness Coalition
Celebrations and recognition for those legislators that supported the Wild Mon Act

Cheat River Outing Report

by Sally Wilts
We were joined by some new hikers and treated to a rarely seen species of turtle


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