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Club’s 'Call to Action on Global Warming and Energy'
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by National Sierra Club Campaign Teams | 2009

Here's how to get engaged in the Club's Global Warming and Clean Energy Campaigns!

We are at a historic crossroads in the fight against climate change. The Sierra Club is asking its activists and chapters to help in this critically important fight by committing to daily, weekly or monthly actions as a Sierra Club Climate Leader. Please go to:  and sign up.

Our top priority is an education campaign to encourage people to support the Obama Administration’s use of rules and regulations by the EPA and other agencies to address climate change. We call this campaign “the Big Picture.” Using a very successful online petition and massive phone call outreach, activists are asking Senators to urge President Obama to create rules as quickly as possible that will regulate coal ash, mercury, mining, soot, smog, and carbon pollution more effectively. Visit the Big Picture Campaign to learn more:

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