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Watch These Bills in Final Days of the West Virginia Legislative Session
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Bills move quickly in the WV Legislature, and it is impossible to know which ones will survive the Legislative process. But before the Legislature adjourns on March 13, be sure to tell your legislators to work for passage of these bills:

Public Health Assessment of DEP rules (SB 186) Currently, DEP must consider the cost of new rules, but need not consider their impact on human health. Bring balance to DEP rule-making.

Energy Efficiency Act (HB 4012) Mandates that utilities reduce electricity consumption by 15 percent by 2015. Provides a profit incentive for utilities that can save customers money by lowering their bills. We saw how far the utilities will go for a profit incentive for new transmission lines; let’s put that same incentive to work for efficiency. Green

Buildings Act (HB 4008, SB 474) Mandates that new state buildings meet energy efficiency and environmental sustainability goals. Quit wasting taxpayer dollars by building inefficient energy-wasting buildings.

Tighten Gas Well Rules and Water Quality Standards (HB 4001) Require disclosure of fracking compounds, set standards for Total Dissolved Solids (remember Dunkard Creek), and regulate dumping of drilling brines.

Renewable Energy Act (HB 4262) Sets renewable energy portfolio standards (real ones, not the “alternative” energy (coal and gas) standards that Gov. Manchin passed in 2009).

Tax Credit for Plug-in Electric Vehicles (HB 4246) Need we say more?

There is a long list of other good (and an even longer list of bad) bills at the West Virginia Environmental Council website:

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