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Endorsements for the 2010 Primary Election
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by Chapter Political Committee | 2010

Check out our 2010 endorsements here, but MORE IMPORTANTLY get out and vote!

The Sierra Club participates in the political process, because that’s where the critical environmental decisions are made for the state and the nation.

To receive the endorsement of the West Virginia Sierra Club requires us to examine candidates in several ways. For incumbents, we analyze their voting records. For all candidates, we analyze their responses to a detailed questionnaire. Often we also have feedback from members who know the candidates.

Our endorsements are for candidates who support our positions on West Virginia environmental issues. Following are the candidates we have been able to check out in time for the primary on May 11.

Endorsed Candidates:
(Party: D =Democrat, M = Mountain, R = Republican)

WV Senate District Candidate

8th Richie Robb (D)

11th C. Randy White (D)

WV House District Candidate

23rd Clif Moore (D)

27th Bill Wooton (D)
27th Sally Susman (D)
27th Mel Kessler (D)
27th Virginia Mahan (D)

29th Margaret Staggers (D)

30th Bonnie Brown (D)
30th Nancy Guthrie (D)
30th Rod Harless (D)
30th Danny Wells (D)
30th Bobbie Hatfield (D)

31st Meshea Poore (D)

36th Joe Talbott (D)

41st Richard Iaquinta (D)
41st Ron Fragale (D)

42nd Mike Manypenny (D)

43rd Mike Caputo (D)
43rd Linda Longstreth (D)
43rd Tim Manchin (D)

44th Barbara Fleischauer (D)
44th Charlene Marshall (D)

57th John Doyle (D)

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