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Sierra Club teams up with StopPATH WV and WV Highlands Conservancy for Ad Campaign
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by Keryn Newman | 2010

WE have to fund a media campaign to explain the falsehoods of PATH's media campaign!

The underdogs are bringing the fight to the power companies with StopPATH WV’s April 1 launch of a television, radio, Internet and print advertising campaign that points out that the Potomac Appalachian Transmission Highline (PATH) is an expensive, unnecessary boondoggle that will only benefit corporate profit margins.

Commercials began airing April 1 on local affiliate and cable television channels in West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle and can be viewed at We encourage everyone to view and share the commercials with their friends and family. PATH may have an unlimited budget of ratepayer funds to spend on their advertising campaign, but we have something they don’t have — word of mouth and credibility in our own local communities!

The campaign focuses on clearing up several issues raised by PATH’s marketing campaign: the lack of need for PATH; the health effects on those living in close proximity; the negative effect on property values; and the cost to electric ratepayers.

This advertising campaign was made possible by a grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation through the Henry A. Jordan, M.D. Preservation Excellence Fund and in cooperation with the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy and the West Virginia Sierra Club. As part of the grant, we are also making these ads available for use by other opposition groups in all three affected states.

Despite PATH’s expensive advertising, public relations and marketing campaign, which will ultimately be paid for by electric customers in 13 states, including West Virginia, the citizens of Jefferson County know PATH is a bad idea and look to share that knowledge throughout the Eastern Panhandle and affected areas in West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland.

For more information contact:

Keryn Newman, (304) 876-3497

Patience Wait, (304) 876-1515

StopPATH WV, Inc. is a grassroots citizens’ group based in Jefferson County, West Virginia that seeks to protect the health, property values and welfare of their community by defeating PATH’s currently pending application before the West Virginia Public Service Commission, as well as promoting education and awareness of the potentially devastating effects this project will have on the local communities through which it is proposed to pass. Visit us on the web at

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