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Appalachia Rising: Mobilize to End Mountaintop Removal!!
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Join us for THE biggest protest EVER against Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining. We will even provide the transportation!

Appalachia Rising is a movement that strives to unite coalfield residents, grass roots groups, individuals, and national organizationsin calling for the abolition of mountaintop removal (MTR) coal mining and demand that America’s water be protected from all forms of surface mining.

Appalachia Rising is a huge event to protest and stop Mountaintop Removal. People from around the country will converge in Washington, DC, for workshops, training, speakers, music, camaraderie, and more.

The event culminates in a mass march and rally targeting a number of relevant federal agencies.

West Virginians are key to Appalachia Rising, and the WV Sierra Club wants to make it possible for a huge number of folks to be part of it. We have chartered a bus to take folks to Appalachia Rising. We’ll make pick-ups in Charleston and Morgantown, and then head on to Washington, DC.

Appalachia Rising spans the weekend of Sept. 25–27. Our bus will pick up on Sunday, Sept. 26. We will arrive in time for some of the activities that day and return on Monday, Sept. 27, after the march and rally. We plan to arrive on Sunday in time for the tail end of Day of Action preparation, including a workshop, dinner, speakers, entertainment, and party!

Event planners are arranging overnights for those who need them. Choices are floor space in area churches, home stays, or hotels, ranging from free to hotel rates. The event will also include some meals for folks who register.

Monday, we will join thousands of grassroots folks for the huge Day of Action march and rally, targeting the EPA and other key players. This will be massed citizens demanding an end to Mountaintop Removal, and it’ll be fun, exciting, and dignified.

The bus is free and open to all on a firstcome, first-served basis (Sierra Club membership is not required).

Email Jim at to sign up, reserve a seat on the bus, and find out about overnights. We’ll have music and video as we go, A/C and heat, and the comforts of a tour bus type charter.

For more information about Appalachia Rising and to register for the event, go to

Steps for joining us at Appalachia Rising:

1. Reserve a seat on the bus. Email Jim at

2. Arrange overnight accommodation if needed or wanted. Do this when you reserve your seat on the bus. Email Jim at

3. Register with the Appalachia Rising event at 

Bus Schedule

Sunday, Sept. 26

8:30 AM — Pick up in Charleston

11:30 AM — Pick up in Morgantown

Monday, Sept. 27
(times are estimates, depending on march/rally activities)

5:30 PM — Depart Washington

9:30 PM — Drop off in Morgantown

midnight — Drop off in Charleston

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