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Five Receive 2010 Chapter Awards at the 2010 SierraFest
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Four chapter activists and a Sierra Club attorney are recognized for their outing standing contributions to the West Virginia Chapter

The theme of this year’s Chapter awards, presented at 2010 SierraFest, was to recognize Exemplary Service of those who work quietly behind the scenes, devoting huge chunks of their own time for little or no compensation. Their satisfaction comes from knowing that their efforts help support the work of other state activists on the front lines of many environmental battles.

Barbara Fallon is one such person. Her grant-writing experience secured significant funding to pay the Chapter’s bills when we fought the first of our battles against a transmission line project called TRail. In the process, she learned a lot about fundraising and has helped the Chapter find grant money ever since. Her service to the Chapter has been invaluable, and this recognition is well-deserved.

Sally Wilts is another unsung hero who has worked tirelessly for the benefit of our Chapter. Like many service volunteers she has been in high demand and has worked in different organizations for many causes. Known as a meticulous organizer, Sally was Chapter Newsletter Editor for several years until she resigned that post to take over as Chapter Treasurer in 2009. Always willing to step in when there is a need, this year she took on the added position of Mon Group Chair. Our appreciation for her service to the Chapter is long overdue.

Candice Elliott, the quiet partner of one of last year’s Exemplary Activists (Jim Kotcon), has worked behind the scenes in support of the Chapter’s activities almost from the Chapter’s inception. Not one for long meetings and face-to-face confrontations, Candice prefers the more mundane administrative tasks that come with jobs like membership database manager and newsletter editor. Although she has been recognized in the past for her supporting-role efforts, her consistent contributions are worthy of notice again.

Kathy Gregg, Chapter Historian and Archivist, has meticulously collected and maintained the records for our Chapter since before its birth more than 26 years ago. She has been the authoritative source to confirm details about almost any event in our Chapter’s history. Her commitment to the Chapter is noteworthy and has gone largely unacknowledged. Her long devotion and careful attention to the Chapter and its history make her well-deserving of our appreciation, as well as this year’s Chapter Service award.

A special West Virginia Champion award was also given to Aaron Isherwood, the coordinating attorney for the Sierra Club's Environmental Law Program. His responsibilities include helping chapters and other Club entities obtain approval for proposed litigation. 
Aaron has been a champion for West Virginia. He has spearheaded the ongoing legal challenges to Mountaintop Removal, the huge selenium litigation, Blair Mountain, and much more. He has brought the full strength of the Club’s legal power to bear, with many successes that have moved the Club’s efforts to stop MTR forward and restrained or stopped numerous coal projects.
We have been extremely fortunate to have Aaron, and the Environmental Law Program, fighting for us and West Virginia.

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