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Judy Bonds - A Hero Passes
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by Jim Sconyers, Chapter Chair | 2011

Judy Bonds - A Hero Passes

We don’t have many heroes these days. Especially not ones who are short, tough, scrappy, fierce hillbilly women. But that’s exactly who Judy Bonds was.

Judy fought hard every day for her home, her family, her community in Coal River, her mountains, and for West Virginia. Her last battle was one she couldn’t win - fighting the cancer that killed her January 3, a cancer that she believed could be laid at the feet of the coal pollution of her air and water.
Judy took no crap from anyone - she told it like it is, always speaking truth to power. She never backed down, even if it meant carrying a gun in the face of threats to her life, or when she willing faced physical assaults to take her stand against the Mountaintop Removal that she so wholeheartedly detested.

Judy was a hero and an inspiration to all West Virginians. She fought the battles that advanced the war against Mountaintop Removal and the stranglehold of Big Coal, a war that owes so much to her courage.

Good-bye, Judy. And thank you for so much.

Photos from Marsh Fork Rally (June 23, 2009)

Judy with Actress Darryl Hannah and "The Appalachians" and "Coal Country" Producer Mari-Lynn Evans


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