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May - June 2011 Mountain State Sierran

Lots of information on Mercury, and new scientific reports, plus LOTS more outings!

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Three Cheers for WV Enviro Victories!

by compiled by Jim Sconyers and Jim Kotcon
Hard won victories are few and far between, so we will be celebrating these this spring and summer and at our 2011 SierraFest on October 1st!

Heroes and Heroines: Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

by Chuck Wyrostok, Outreach Coordinator
Marcellus Shale gas drilling goes un-regulated in West Virginia, but not without the hard work of a good number of our state legislators.

Delegates Press DEP for Moratorium on Marcellus Permits

Many of our legislators understand the problems, the question is whether the West Virginia DEP does!

Mercury: Are You Full of It?

by Jim Sconyers
Mercury is all around us and unfortunately in our kids which is not good for their future development and life-time successes!

Mercury Testing Event A Huge Success

We get mercury in our air from our coal-fired power plants, and guess where it ends up?


by Beth Little
No regulation of the gas drilling industry, no money for DEP Inspectors, but, what the heck! Give them a tax break anyway!

A Risky Proposition: A Union of Concerned Scientists Report

by Paul Wilson
A new report from the UCS show the risky financial future of retro-fitting old coal power plants.

Morgantown Shows the Way To Energy Efficiency

Morgantown shows the way for reducing energy use and greenhouse gases in West Virginia

Perspectives on Outings: What's Holding You Back?

by Dan Soeder, Outings Chair
You do not have to be the quintessential outdoors man or woman to lead a great outing!


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