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Join the Fight to Protect State’s Environment
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by Chuck Wyrostok, Outreach Coordinator | 2011

Help us grow our Marcellus Gas Campaign!

Extractive industries have plundered our hills and hollows for profit for over a hundred years. Ripping, drilling, spilling, plowing, cutting, and blowing mountains to bits while calling loss of life an act of God. The latest affront is unregulated Marcellus gas drilling. If West Virginia were a person, she would be a scarred, injured victim in a constant state of crisis, hoping for recovery. If you believe the road to recovery is possible, your voices need to be heard by those in power.

We must invalidate the notion that Earl Ray Tomblin, acting as governor, having issued an executive order to the DEP, has waved a magic wand and made the DEP actually become the Department of Environmental Protection. Sorry, Earl Ray. Too little, too late. You’re not going to head off citizen outrage with a half-hearted ploy.

What is the most effective way to make your voice heard in this fight? If you only read this newsletter every two months, you are missing the timely email announcements that let you know what needs to be done when it needs doing. You can add your voice to hundreds of others to make a difference in this fight.

Please send an email to and list your name and county so we can put your email address in our closely-guarded email list. Easy. Make your voice heard.

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