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November - December 2011 Mountain State Sierran

Coal Ash and Marcellus Gas updates, plus more outings and highlights from our 2011 annual SierraFest!

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Persistence Pays Off in Coal Ash Permit Delays

by Petra and John Wood
In the July/August Sierran, you read about the massive inputs of coal combustion waste (aka, fly ash) on minelands around Morgantown. On about 3,500 acres in three watersheds, up to 10,000 tons/acre — amounting to a 10-foot thick layer of coal ash over the entire surface — have been added during reclamation as a supposed beneficial use to reduce acid mine drainage (AMD). There is abundant evidence, however, that it does not necessarily reduce AMD. At the same time, it does reduce air quality and especially water quality because toxic metals and total dissolved solids (TDS) leach from fly ash dumped in minefills. Several new mine permits proposing to dump ash are in the works, including the New Hill West and Coresco permits.

Marcellus Legislation Grinds Gears Moving Forward

by Chuck Wyrostok, Outreach Coordinator
Slowly but surely some good work by the legislative committee moves regulation of Marcellus drilling forward -- We Hope!

Amendment will address well placement

by David Beard, The Dominion Post
This article first appeared in The Dominion Post on Sunday, Oct 9, 2011, and is reprinted here with permission.

Keystone XL Pipeline for Tar Sands a Bad Idea

by Jim Sconyers
Tar sands — even the name is nasty, as is its namesake.

Sierra Club Stands in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street Protests

by Sarah Hodgdon, Conservation Director, and Dave Scott, Vice President for Conservation

Solar Energy: What a Source of Power

by Michelle Liefke, MTV Solar
Here's another way to stick it to King Coal: use wind and solar energy!

SierraFest 2011 in a Nutshell

The highlights from our 3rd annual SierraFest!

Six Receive 'Unsung Heroes' Award

by Jonathan Rosenbaum, Awards Committee Chair
Some well deserved awards to some hard-working activists!

Report on CCL Meeting in San Francisco

by Gary Nelson, WV Chapter Delegate
The Council of Club Leaders meets annually, including a joint meeting with the Club's Board of Directors, to discuss issues important to the overall health of the Club and its Chapters.

Perspectives on Outings: My Favorite Hike

by Dan Soeder, Outings Chair
We all have favorite hikes or trips. Here's one of Dan's!

WVU Sierra Student Coalition Update

by Hannah Spencer
The WVU SSC Chapter is working on 2 big issues in West Virginia. Care to guess which ones?

Report on Mon Group’s October Meeting

by Sally Wilts, Mon Group Chair
GASP! Its that air we breathe that may be bad!


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