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May - June 2012 Mountain State Sierran

News on our Marcellus Gas Campaign, the WV Legislature (snore!!) and lots more Outings. So get out there~!

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Activists Picket Marcellus Conference at The Greenbrier

Read it here: the New concept of Fossil Fuel. Ooops! I meant Fossil Fool.

2012: Bad Year for Environment at WV Legislature

by Jim Kotcon, Chapter Energy Committee
Hard to believe, then again, this IS West Virginia!

Watch For It: Citizen Gas Well Workshop

by Jim Sconyers, Chapter Chair
Check out our next training event for the Marcellus Gas Campaign!

The New West Virginia Civics: A Fable

by Jim Sconyers, Chapter Chair
Did you pass high school civics? Bet you didn't compare that class with this one!

Perspectives on Outings - Rail Trails: A Great Idea

by Dan Soeder, Chapter Outings Chair
Many old railroad beds now have a second life as a local rail-trail and here is how it all began!


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