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Book Review: Global Warming and Political Intimidation
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by Frank E. Grant | 2012

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Global Warming and Political Intimidation by Raymond Bradley Amherst & Boston: U. Massachusetts Press, 2011.
This concise book, written for the non-scientist, takes the reader through Bradley’s unpleasant journey defending research on global warming to a skeptical — and basically uninformed — congressional committee. It clearly explains the science behind global warming as well as the importance of the august International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and its relationship to the Kyoto Protocol. Throughout is a warning of how dirty politics, led by money, can subvert science.
Bradley, a respected geosciences professor and climate research director, explains why using the term “climate change,” a natural long-term process, is benign when compared to the alarm wrought by the abrupt “global warming” earth has experienced since the Industrial Revolution.  
In about 360 pages, Bradley has written an essential guide to the issues and problems faced due to global warming in the United States and the world, issues that already have affected every person on earth.
The book ends on a note of mild optimism, mostly through mitiga-tion efforts being made by some European Union countries. A question for those who read this book will be whether the mitigations will be enough to keep the earth from becoming an inhospitable place for a burgeoning human population.

This book is not directly a call to arms; however, any reader interested in the now unstoppable effects of global warming may be inspired to take some action beyond merely reading about it.

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