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Appalachian Stewardship Foundation Awards 2012 Grants
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by Bill DePaulo | 2013

Funded from our Longview Powerplant Air Pollution Settlement

Reported here are the grants made this year by the Appalachian Stewards Foundation (ASF). These grants were all funded from the first $500,000 check received from Longview as part of the settlement negotiated by Joe Lovett and Jim Kotcon on behalf of Sierra Club, Trout Unlimited and National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), our partners in the challenge to Longview’s air quality permit application.
You may recall that we got significant concessions from Longview in the air emission requirements (all that our ex-pert witness could justify) plus a commitment to fund environmental remediation in the amount of $500,000 per year for ten years, and $300,000 per year thereafter for the life of the plant.
Under the terms of the settlement, Longview got to des-ignate two non-voting directors to the ASF board, and each of the three organizations nominated one voting member each to the board. Larry Harris represents Trout Unlimited on ASF’s board, Kathy Harman-Stokes represents NPCA, and I represent WV Sierra Club.
Although Longview would get any “credits” that our grants might generate under a “cap and trade” system (popular at the time of the settlement but virtually non-existent now), none of our grants have included any credits and, given the current political environment, none are likely in the foreseeable future. Longview has no vote in ASF’s decision to approve or disapprove any grant.
We have had public meetings — at Hawks Nest and at Davis & Elkins College — at which applicants made presentations and where we awarded grants after each meeting. A summary of our grants policy appears at, where you may also find an attachment with the entire grant policy. In the first round, we approved $132,000 in grants; in round two, we approved $121,000 in grants. 
The $253,400 total for the year reflects a policy decision of the ASF board to fund a reserve of approximately $200,000 per year for the first ten years. Our objective with the reserve is to insure that ASF would survive Longview’s demise, and to sustain (or increase) funding after year ten, when Longview’s contribution is scheduled to drop to $300,000 per year.
Significantly, we hired Shanda Minney, formerly executive director of the West Virginia Rivers Coalition, as our Executive Director over the past summer. Shanda lives in Elkins and would be happy to hear from any of you:
Shanda Minney
Executive Director
Appalachian Stewardship Foundation
Mobile: 304-591-2526
Below is a summary of the grants awarded this year. If you would like additional information on any (or all) of the grants, or if you would like to have additional input into ASF’s activities, please contact me at 304-342-5588. More information about ASF is also available at the web page
Grants announced November 13 2012: 
Energy Efficient West Virginia, Charleston, WV
$50,000 to fund efforts before the Public Service Commis-sion to require state utilities to adopt Energy Efficiency Programs
West Virginia Rivers Coalition, Elkins, WV
$27,500 to fund Monitoring Water Quality Impacts of Marcellus Shale Development in WV’s and VA’s Coldwater Streams
Evening Star Productions, Akron, OH
$20,000 to fund production costs of Coal Country 2, the sequel to Mary Lynn Evans’ classic Coal Country. 
Southern Environmental Law Center, Charlottesville, VA
$20,000 to fund Leading Virginia and the Southeast to a Clean Energy Future, efforts before the Virginia Public Ser-vice Commission to require VA utilities to adopt energy efficiency programs.
Keeper of the Mountains, Charleston, WV
$9,500 to fund Kayford Mountain Sustainability Project con-sisting of solar panels and sustainable water resources 

WV Energy Savers, Terra Alta, WV
$4,000 to fund CFL bulb replacement
Grants announced August 2, 2012:
Shenandoah Valley Network, Luray, VA
$15,000 to fund the Shenandoah Valley Network Energy Project
Friends of Blackwater, Charleston, WV
$36,000 to fund the Blackwater Trout Restoration Initiative
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
$53,900 to fund creation of a large data base on Chemical Status and Trends in Fishery Streams
Friends of the Cheat, Kingwood, WV
$8,500 to fund the Evaluation of Collaborative AMD Remediation Methods in the Muddy Creek Watershed, WV
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA — Dept of Environ-mental Sciences
$8,500 to fund research on Evaluating Carbon and Water Cycling in the Weimer Run Watershed, WV
Ohio Valley Environmental Council, Huntington, WV
$7,500 to fund the Southern Mountain Communities’ Clean Water Project
WV Energy Savers, Terra Alta, WV
$3,000 to fund CFL Bulb Replacemen

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