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WV Sierra Club's Political Committee

Every politician claims to support clean air, drinkable water and West Virginia's wildlife and wild places.  But how do you know which ones really mean it? One way is to make them seek our political endorsement during the election season.

The WV Chapter's Political Committee may use any of the following tools and others to determine whether, and whom, to endorse.

  • A very comprehensive questionnaire that candidates can fill out and return. The Committee then reviews questionnaire responses.
  • Interviews - the Committee can interview a candidate, either in person or via conference call.
  • Committee members may have personal knowledge of, and experience working with, a candidate. This can be thought of as "actions speak louder than words." Incumbent candidates have real records and real votes in the Legislature. These can be evaluated to determine the candidate's commitment to the environment.
  • Political scorecard - if there are enough issues and roll-call votes, we may prepare a legislative scorecard, or use one prepared by allied groups. These generally give a record of a candidate's votes, and an overall percent rating.

Before final endorsement, candidates running on the national level go through a further review and approval by Sierra Club's national political team.  Our general election endorsements will appear in the election-year Nov-Dec issue of our Chapter newsletter The Mountain State Sierran.

Endorsements will appear in our Chapter newsletter and on our Chapter website.

The national Sierra Club Political Committee has guidelines for endorsing political candidates and approves Chapter endorsements for congressional candidates. One guideline to note is that membership in the Sierra Club does not guarantee endorsement of a candidate.

If you wish to become involved in our political work, please contact the Chair of the Chapter Political Committee.

Political Committee Chair

Jim Sconyers jimscon@gmail.com